WordCamp Europe 2019

My WordCamp Europe 2019 Experience

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great privilege to attend WordCamp Europe 2019, on 20-22 June in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been to many WordCamps in India, but WCEU (WordCamp Europe) was my first International WordCamp that I attended, and I must say It was an absolute blast. For me It was a new experience, a new city, exploring things, networking, meet with a vast community.

There is a fantastic story behind going there. I was selected for the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship for WordCamp US last year, but unfortunately, I couldn’t attend that WordCamp because the visa was the biggest barrier. However, a big thanks to WordPress foundation for giving me a second chance and especially thanks to Angela Jin , who arranged all the things for me so I could attend the WordCamp Europe. She did so much for me that I can’t explain in words. If you want to know how I got this scholarship, then I have also shared my experience in my previous article “Winner of the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship”. You can get to know more about this.

Finally, the day came when I was going to move towards WordCamp Europe. Earlier, I had no experience with the flight. I decided to travel alone, and I was excited about this trip. I had heard a dialogue in a movie that still gives me motivation.

First time … comes only once and the first experience is very special. 🙂

Finally, the trip started and I was in the seventh sky. 🙂 I enjoyed my first flight. It sounds a bit weird to say but seriously I was feeling like heaven. 😉 And when I landed in Berlin on 19th afternoon, I was amazed to see that beautiful city. Then I reached the hotel (Estrel Hotel), and It was a fantastic place. I must say WordCamp Europe chose an excellent place for the event. Many people are already there whom I knew only because of social media, but when I met with them in person, it was great. Then I got some rest, and in the evening, I decided to visit some places nearby. So, I went with my Indian friends, Rohit, Hardeep, and Sudipto to see the historical sites. We visited Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe & Checkpoint Charlie.

Met with WordCamp Asia team

When I returned back from a walk I got a chance to hang out with the WordCamp Asia team. I really enjoyed to spend a time with them and I am blessed to part of this fantastic team. I introduced myself to everyone, and it was great to know each others. We had a lot of chit chat and fun. We were excited for the Contributors day, and I decided to take part in Polyglots team with Naoko Takano also in the marketing team.

Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe

Next day, Contributors Day started at WordCamp Europe. First, everyone got their registration and the I card. I also got my ticket and was very super excited to see my name. There were many persons on the registration desk to help everyone with their registration, and the venue setup was also impressive. They placed all the track details with the I card. So, It was so easy to track every session. I participated in polyglots team and helped beginners with translations. Do Translations in WordPress is my favourite contribution. So, it was an excellent experience for me to explain everything regarding translations to newbies there. Also, I have talked with some peoples and got to know their experiences about translations and collect their stories with Abha Thakor.

Finally, it was a fantastic experience in Contributors day at WordCamp Europe, and I learned a lot from another one and also enjoyed another’s experienced about WordPress translations.

Geek Day at WordCamp Europe

After the amazing Contributors day I was exhilarated for the geek day and to meet all the WordPress geeks. The day started amazingly and there were a lot of sessions, workshops for getting knowledge and experiences. Also they organized sponsors area perfectly with a big hall. I was totally surprised to see that place. I had attended some sessions and also “Matt with WordPress” by Matt Mullenweg. He described about next steps in Gutenburg and it was really an inspiring session.

Matt with WordPress - WordCamp Europe

Matt with WordPress – WordCamp Europe

Bluehost team had set up a creative thing to stopping people at their booth. They asked to mark your city and the dream WordCamp or their wall. I also mark my hometown, and my dream WordCamp on their wall. It was stupendous. Also, it was nice to share my journey and experiences in WordPress with Machielle Thomas .

I got a chance to show my creativity in art and drawing at WooCommerce & Graffiti board. Then I realized that my drawing is not so bad. 😉 😛 😀

Meeting with Topher DeRosia from HeroPress

HeroPress is a site dedicated to sharing any WordPress-related stories from people in the community – with a particular interest in stories from disadvantaged folk who’ve had a particularly difficult road to get where they are today. Moreover, it was a pleasure to meet Topher DeRosia in person, the man behind HeroPress. I am so happy that I got a chance to share my story on HeroPress. Moreover, it’s been a long time for two years to publish my story. Life has been changed so much after that.

IdeaBox team at WordCamp Europe

IdeaBox team met with their friends Beaver Builder and Elementor team at WordCamp Europe.

Powerpuff Women of WordPress Community

I was honored to meet these beautiful and amazing ladies of WordPress community at WordCamp Europe who do all good for the community. Also, it was great to meet another Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship winner Anyssa Ferreira.

Also I got a chance to meet with amazing people Ismail, Sajid Javed & Shakir Ali from Pakistan.

Amazing team of Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the forms builder in WordPress and I am using this plugin since 2014. So, it was pleasure to meet the Gravity Forms people at WordCamp Europe. I shared my experience with Gravity Forms plugin with them. And I want to say thanks to them for giving t-shirts for my team.

WPCafe Talk

WordCamp Europe team came with an amazing idea of WPCafe and allowed to share experiences & their journey and thanks to Afsana for giving us an opportunity to share our stories with each other.

WPCafe - WordCamp Europe

WPCafe – WordCamp Europe

I loved the food at WordCamp Europe. It was delicious and mouth watering.

Dream Come true – Met with Matt Mullenweg

The highlight and proud moment for me was to meet with Matt Mullenwegthe Creator of WordPressI met him personally, and it was a friendly chit-chat to share my journey, my experiences with him. Thanks to Andrea Middleton because it couldn’t have been possible without her. That will be a memorable day for me forever.

With Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe

Me with Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe

After Party at WordCamp Europe

Without after party event is incomplete. So we all got ready for the superb afterparty. The afterparty was such an amazing relaxing thing at WordCamp Europe. All fell in the 80’s vibes like hairstyle, outfit, and accessories.  I had never attended that kind of party before. It was a blast with music, crowd, and lots of fun. 😉

The fun moment was when everyone danced on the “Punjabi” song. That was hilarious. 😀

I had a fantastic time and experiences at WordCamp Europe. It was a huge event, and I must say there was an excellent organizing community behind this awesome successful event. It was an amazing history of 3200 tickets sold and around 2700 attendees and I am very happy to be a part of this history. I want to thank all the organizers, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors for making this event stupendous. I learnt a lot from this WordCamp like organizers handled this huge event easily. There were many helping hands like volunteers for helping everyone. I loved everything there venue, food, sessions, after party, the community and berlin city.

Exploring Berlin City

After this vast and fantastic event, I decided to explore the Berlin city for two more days. I visited many places like Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Berliner Fernsehturm, Altes Museum, Berlin Cathedral Church & Mall of Berlin. Also I had a great time with Cloudways & WPExperts team. We went for a boat ride in Spree, which is about 400 kilometers long, is the main river that runs through Berlin. On top of that, it has always been a source of inspiration for many writers and artists. It was very relaxing day for me.

After the city tour I have attended WordPress meetup Berlin at Digital Eatery Cafe, Alexanderplatz. The place was amazing with iterior and crowd and it was the meetup about the local community meeting to International community. For me, it was really great to meet again to local community there and also interacted with new people. Also I met again with Robby McCullough the Co-founder of Beaver Builder.

I came back home with a lot of experiences, learnings, and sweet memories also with a lot of swags. 😉 I am excited to meet you all at WordCamp Europe in Portugal next year. Before that hope, I will see you all soon in WordCamp Asia, which is going to be in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2020. I wish I always do good for the community as I am doing now.

WordCamp Asia Organizing Team

WordCamp Asia Organizing Team at WordCamp Europe


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    Many people are already there whom I knew only because of social media, but when I met with them in person, it was great.

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