Celebrated WordPress’s 20th Birthday on 27th May 2023.

Last week, WordPress turned 20, and we celebrated its birthday very grandly. First, I want to tell you about WordPress if anyone doesn’t know about it.

WordPress is a free website-building tool. It is open-source software that anyone can use to make any website imaginable. The WordPress community is large and devoted, dedicated to making WordPress the best it can be and supporting connections among its many members worldwide. The WordPress community all over the world celebrates the anniversary of WordPress.

I am part of the WordPress Udaipur community, and we also planned to celebrate WordPress’s birthday. The local community planned to make this day more knowledgeable, and some fun activities we did.

Introduced WordPress Journey to everyone

So I first Introduced WordPress’s 20 years journey with everyone. I explained how WordPress started and where it is now.

Fun Activities

Then we had some WordPress quizzes and cards game and distributed chocolates as a token of appreciation. It was a very excellent fun activity.

How we celebrated?

We ordered a delicious cake designed for the special day and some snacks. Then we cut the cake together. We distributed the cool swags too, which were sent by WordPress central to make our birthday celebration memorable.

I am so grateful to be a part of WordPress and its wonderful community. I have built many websites, blogs, custom plugins, and themes, connected with the community, and contributed to the community as a speaker, organizer, translator, core contributor, and so on. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be here in this way. Fantastic!!

Cheers to 20 years of WordPress and many more. 🙂

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