I am a WordPress Developer and build custom themes and client sites. I have been developing with WordPress and contributing to the community for last 4.5 years. My core skills are WordPress Theme Development, jQuery, PHP, HTML5. My main goal is to deliver high-quality websites that help small and medium-sized businesses get the most out of their online presence optimizing websites for small and medium screens such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices and retina displays.

As a WordPress Developer, I see WordPress is easy to use and easy to manage SEO friendly website and is the most preferred and favored CMS platform around the globe around the hour. I create purely customized WordPress website which is easily accessible. The contents of your website can be easily accessible by you. Therefore it becomes easy for you to maintain its contents, images, data and other multimedia.

When I’m not developing and coding away on my Mac, I most love hanging out with my friends and relatives.

HeroPress Contribution

HeroPress is an initiative started by Topher DeRossia, is a great source of inspiration for getting and staying involved in WordPress. I can say that I follow it rigorously. HeroPress gave me a chance to share my story with all around the world. You can read my essay titled "There is no shortcut to success!" on HeroPress.

My WordPress Contributions